Friday, December 30, 2011

London & Boxing Day.

Hi guys. I just came back from London for Boxing Day & sight-seeing. If you never heard of Boxing Day before, Boxing Day is a day where you wear boxing gloves and punch your friends. OK I'm just kidding. It is a day after Christmas where shops have sales. The key of Boxing Day is preparation. You need to plan for your shopping trip as there are lots of people searching for amazing bargains. I went for Boxing Day shopping at Oxford Street & Bond Street. The first store that I went is Selfridge. It was only 8.50am when I stood in front of the Selfridge at the Oxford Street but people already queued around the building. It was a very long queue. I don't spend much as I don't find anything interesting. So I saved a lot on the shopping, but I've spent a lot on the accommodation and travel. Yet I don't regret my trip to London as I spent my winter break with two of my favourite girlfriends, Azma & Hana. Hana flew all the way from Ireland to see me. Yeah right! The fact is she flew all the way from Ireland to London for Boxing Day. Still more, she didn't shop a lot. She said she couldn't find anything interesting. She had a same reason as mine. I guess we overrated the Boxing Day. Nevertheless, we walked around the Greater London, visited London top attractions and took many beautiful pictures.

People queueing to enter Selfridge.

Tower of London

London Bridge

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

Harry Potter's Platform

Random Pictures