Monday, November 28, 2011

You Will Never Know When You Meet A Good Friend. :)

A friend of mine just said a very nice & sweet words to me. It really touched my heart. I'm very happy I met you. I hope these two months of friendship will last forever, regardless where we are.

A True Friend Is One Who Thinks You Are A Good Egg Even If You Are Half-Cracked.
Author Unknown.

P/S: You know who you are. :)

Guilty As Charged.

Good morning, guys. :) What do you usually do when you wake up in the morning? As for me, the first thing that I will do is check my hp, to check the time. Then I will make bed. Then I will on my laptop. Then I will check the weather forecast for that day. I have never checked the weather forecast when I was in Malaysia. Here I have to check the weather to decide my clothing, so I will be well prepare for the weather. It might be cold day or windy day or rainy day. Then I will check my e-mail. Then check my FB, my Twitter & my Glamlife (uni's student portal). However, today, there is an additional. I shopped online. Isn't it weird to shop online at 6 in the morning? This is because of this (the below promotion).

Since I could not find my size at any stores here & can only wears Forever 21 skinny jeans, I always pay a visit at their website to update myself on their new offer. Does that mean UK people are larger than US? Unfortunately, there is only ONE Forever 21 store in the UK, which is in Birmigham, which is 3 hours travel by bus from my place. So every time I want to purchase skinny jean, I will purchase it online. Since it is cheaper to purchase it online rather than to take a coach to Birmingham, dine there, then take a coach back to my place. I was intended to purchase the skinny jean last Saturday since I already got my money pocket for Dec. I already placed the order & ready for the payment, but I try to resist my temptation to shop since I had shopped a lot this month. So what I did was, I just closed the website. I was very proud of myself. You go girl! But I still shopped yesterday when I was out to town with my housemates. Boo! Then when I receive the e-mail from the Forever 21 about their new offer, I was very excited. CYBER MONDAY SALE, FREE SHIPPING? What on my mind was, I can save 4.95 pounds on shipping. YAY! So I purchased the skinny jean that I wanted. Now I'm very happy. Good things happen when you wait. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Likeyyy. :)

Being A Student & Being A Woman.

Hello guys. How are u been doing? How's life treating you? Mine? Awesomeness! I have to submit 3000 words critical debate essay by next Friday but I have only wrote 1700 words so far, which i have started one month ago. Is it just me or time runs faster when you start to enjoy your life? By all means, i will finish it.

It already winter in the UK. The temperature keeps decreasing. There was one night that the temperature is 3 degree Celsius. & keep eating without stop. Is it because of the weather or I just love to eat? My class timetable has changed as well as we move to winter term. Now I have two classes in the afternoon. By the time I go back, it is already dark. Eventhough it is only 5 o'clock in the evening. What can you expect if Maghrib is at 4pm? I have three new subjects in the winter term. There are Management Theories and Philosophies, New Media Communication, and Retailing and Consumption of Fashion Brands. The subject that I love so far is Retailing and Consumption of Fashion Brands. Eventhough I have only enter the class once, I know  it will get more exciting. As for New Media Communication class, the first task that we need to do is sign up all types of social media. For examples, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Linkedin. I have done sign up all those 2 days ago. So guys, follow me on Twitter. :)

As season changed from autumn to winter, I keep buying clothes to prepare myself for the extreme coldness that I have never experience before. Seriously it is just an excuse for shopping. I just love shopping. I just need an excuse to avoid being guilty by shopping a lot. Since I activate my UK debit card, I cannot stop shopping. If I do not go out ( which I did every week), I shop online ( it has been awhile. YAY for me!). Most of the stores in the UK provides shopping online services. They offer price reduction if we get it online. Aren't they clever? They keep sending us e-mail to inform us the new promotion and sales. The offer is so tempting and irresistible. At the end of the month, I only left with some money to survive. I still has not wear most of the clothes in the wardrobe. It only has been 2 months I have been living here, but my wardrobe is already pack and waiting to burst. I need to get a new one. But where should I put it is since my room is so small? Haiya.

Keep still, clothes. ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Life & Nottingham. :)

Heyya dear bloggers and readers. Sorry I haven't post anything for quite some time. I was very busy and I am still busy with the course works. I have to submit two assignments before the winter break and one assignment during the winter break. Since the assessment is solely from the assignments, I have to give 100% in completing them. It was a good news then when i knew that I do not have to seat on exam and only need to do the course works. But now, everything does not seems like that.

I hope it is not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. The first Eid Aidiladha i celebrated without my family. Frankly, i really miss my family, especially my mom. :(

Yeah last Saturday, me and other MSSG ( Malaysian Students Society Glamorgan) went to Nottingham for Nottingham Malaysian Games. It is an annual event for Nottingham Malaysian Society. I got to see many Malaysian from every side of the UK. It was like in Malaysian. According to one of my friend AJ (2011), "macam kat Malaysia, tapi semua pakai winter coat". I have to quote it to avoid plagiarism. Since it is a serious offence in the UK. Then we went to Nottingham Castle. Unfortunately, we cannot enter the caste since it was already 4pm and nearly to the closing time. But I still had fun took photos outside the castle.

I was lucky; I met Robin Hood. LOL!

I cannot wait for the winter break. My bestfriend and I will be going to the country that speaks Spanish. :)