Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Day Of 2011.

It is almost 9 pm. People in Malaysia already celebrated the new day of 2012. I still have 3 hours to go for 2012. This year, I'll be celebrating my new eve at my own room, watching Two and A Half Men Season 2. What a celebration, huh? I thought I'll be celebrating the new year eve at Manchester. Unfortunately, the plan did not happen as I expected. So here I am, writing about the Last Day Of 2011 entry.

2011 is a special year to me. Lots of new things happened to me. Full of incredible experiences, trips and new people in my life. The best thing that happened in my life is, one of my dream came true. I cannot wait to see what the new year has in store for me. 2012, I'm ready for you. Bring it on!

Happy New Year 2012, guys! :)

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