Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye Malaysia.

Less than a week, i will be flying to London with my father. To be exact, i will be flying next Monday at 10am. It's gonna be my fourth trip. Unlike my prior trips, it is for study purposes, not a visit trip. I will be staying in the UK about a year and might only coming back to Malaysia at 2013 since my visa is valid until January 2013. I never thought i'll stepping my feet at London City again after my last trip which is 15 years ago. Dear father, thank you for accompanying me to the UK. It would be nice if mother, sister and late brother can join us like old times. 

Pictures above were taken around UK during my first visit when i was 2 years old.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Status Of Your Passport.

Status Of Your Passport

Reference Number : MYAC/240811/052184/1
Application date : 8/24/2011
Status : Your application is ready for collection; please visit the UK Visa Application Centre blablabla blablabla.

What's that supposed to mean? Why can't you be more specific UK Border Agency? dupdapdupdap. :/ I guess I will only get the answer at the visa centre.