Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Study Mode.

This is the second week of class after one month winter break. To be honest, I was not excited going back to study mode and I'm still not. I'm very comfortable staying in my room, doing nothing. However, my winter term almost come to the end. After two more weeks, I'll done with New Media Communications, Management Theories and Philosophies, and The Retailing and Consumption Of Fashion Brand. The spring term will come after 2 weeks break. Break againnnnnnn! Yahoooooooo! I just heard this great news last Friday from Henry. A great way to start class from break, which is more BREAKKKKKK.

Nonetheless, the end of term means submission of assignments. My submission date for Fashion Brand is on March 2nd, Mgt Theories Part A on March 4th, New Media Communications on March 16th, Developing The Professional on March 30th and the Part B of Mgt Theories haven't yet out. Even though March is still distance away, I got to start working on those assignment because this week I'm going to Milannnnnnn, the next 2 weeks I'll be going to Frankfurtttttttt and a week after that I'll be going to Birminghammmmmm and in early March I'll be going to Londonnnnnnn and 2 weeks after that I'll be going to Greeceeeeeeee.

All my assignments are there, in the GlamLearn. It works almost like uitm student portal but much advance. The module overview, the learning materials, the learning resources, the reading materials, the assignments, my grades, timetables and the announcements are all there. There is e-mail too. Everything is under one website. Besides that, I can communicate with my lecturers and the rest of my classmates too using the portal. There is one section which is called Communication & Tools in every course that I'm taken. So if I need to contact someone in my class and I don't have his contact details, I just need to click his name in the communication and I can communicate with him using e-mail. Easy right? & every assignment needs to submit through the portal as well. No more printing and papers. 

TTYL, my assignments are waiting for me. KISSES! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making A Dream Come True.

When I was a small kid, I have many dreams. Some are realistic, and some are ridiculous. What can you expect from a kid? They imagine anything. One of my dreams is travelling all over the world. I want to visit every country in this world, and I'm still do. So far, I've been to Indonesia, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Spain. Since I'm now in UK, I want to grab the chances to explore every country in Europe. It is much cheaper to fly from here rather than from Kuala Lumpur. For instance, the return ticket to Barcelona only costs 40 pound from London, which is approximately RM200. That was the same costs my father spent on my one way flight ticket to Kuching, when I was still studying in Kuching. So who don't want to grab this chance? Let's get real here, thought the travelling every countries in Europe won't happen, I still can try, right? There are 70 countries in Europe continentant, I'v been to Spain, so minus one is 69 countries. Yeah it won't happen. Haha. I wants to visit as many countries as possible before I go back to Malaysia. I was thinking of visiting one country per month. Baby steps. Thus, last night, I bought flight tickets for me and Azma for our January and February trip. I'm not going to tell you guys where we will be heading. But if you are dying to know, here's a clue. We will be heading to one of the fashion capitals of the world and the country that use Guten Morgen as their good morning wish. That's all from now. Byebye. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The First Entry For 2012.

Happy New Year 2012, guys! Today is the third day of 2012 and the clock is showing 11.35 in the morning. It was raining when I woke up this morning, and it is still raining. I am 24 years and 1 day old today.

How did you guys celebrate your new year's eve? Mine? I spent my New Year eve sleeping. It was not yet 10pm, but I was already at the lala land. To be honest, I'm not exactly a night owl. I'm more to a morning person.

Usually before the year ends, I will make a New Year's Resolutions. Last year is not an exception. Even though I know I'm going to break it, still I don't feel good to start a new year without ones. So my 2012 Resolutions are:
1. Stop cursing. I want to be able to say to people that, "I don't curse". Hihi.
2. Grad with Distinction. I will be graduating at the end of this year & I'm hoping to grad with Distinction. I want to make my Mama & Papa proud. Distinction is the top award for Master's Degree.
3. Be a better Muslimah. Hihi. Even though I know it won't happen overnight, I can work at getting even better.

So this is all from now. I want to take wudhuk (ablution) to perform my Zohor pray. May this year bring more happiness in our life. :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Day Of 2011.

It is almost 9 pm. People in Malaysia already celebrated the new day of 2012. I still have 3 hours to go for 2012. This year, I'll be celebrating my new eve at my own room, watching Two and A Half Men Season 2. What a celebration, huh? I thought I'll be celebrating the new year eve at Manchester. Unfortunately, the plan did not happen as I expected. So here I am, writing about the Last Day Of 2011 entry.

2011 is a special year to me. Lots of new things happened to me. Full of incredible experiences, trips and new people in my life. The best thing that happened in my life is, one of my dream came true. I cannot wait to see what the new year has in store for me. 2012, I'm ready for you. Bring it on!

Happy New Year 2012, guys! :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

London & Boxing Day.

Hi guys. I just came back from London for Boxing Day & sight-seeing. If you never heard of Boxing Day before, Boxing Day is a day where you wear boxing gloves and punch your friends. OK I'm just kidding. It is a day after Christmas where shops have sales. The key of Boxing Day is preparation. You need to plan for your shopping trip as there are lots of people searching for amazing bargains. I went for Boxing Day shopping at Oxford Street & Bond Street. The first store that I went is Selfridge. It was only 8.50am when I stood in front of the Selfridge at the Oxford Street but people already queued around the building. It was a very long queue. I don't spend much as I don't find anything interesting. So I saved a lot on the shopping, but I've spent a lot on the accommodation and travel. Yet I don't regret my trip to London as I spent my winter break with two of my favourite girlfriends, Azma & Hana. Hana flew all the way from Ireland to see me. Yeah right! The fact is she flew all the way from Ireland to London for Boxing Day. Still more, she didn't shop a lot. She said she couldn't find anything interesting. She had a same reason as mine. I guess we overrated the Boxing Day. Nevertheless, we walked around the Greater London, visited London top attractions and took many beautiful pictures.

People queueing to enter Selfridge.

Tower of London

London Bridge

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

Harry Potter's Platform

Random Pictures

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I found that the intro of the vid music by Bop Bop Baby - Westlife amusing. :)

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, when men were still men, women were still virgins, and sex was till sexy, there lived a beautiful maiden who wished to marry for love - but her father wanted her to marry the vilest man in the kingdom for cold, hard cash. Only the mighty musketeers could save her. However this plan had been thwarted after Duke Vincent had them cast into filthy dungeon. There seemed to be no hope ..........

Friday, December 23, 2011


This couple of days, I've been thinking about buying a flight ticket to KL & I've asked Azma to go back with me as well. Thank god she said no. If not, we might be on our way to London to take our flight back to KL. Even though I have been in UK for almost 4 months, I still feel homesick. Last Sept, I was so ready to go back to uni & felt so prepared for the new life in UK. Not surprisingly, I did get homesick. No matter how ready you are to leave, you’re going to miss home. It’s natural & it happens to everyone. & for the moment, I try to keep myself busy so that I don’t feel homesick again.