Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making A Dream Come True.

When I was a small kid, I have many dreams. Some are realistic, and some are ridiculous. What can you expect from a kid? They imagine anything. One of my dreams is travelling all over the world. I want to visit every country in this world, and I'm still do. So far, I've been to Indonesia, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Spain. Since I'm now in UK, I want to grab the chances to explore every country in Europe. It is much cheaper to fly from here rather than from Kuala Lumpur. For instance, the return ticket to Barcelona only costs 40 pound from London, which is approximately RM200. That was the same costs my father spent on my one way flight ticket to Kuching, when I was still studying in Kuching. So who don't want to grab this chance? Let's get real here, thought the travelling every countries in Europe won't happen, I still can try, right? There are 70 countries in Europe continentant, I'v been to Spain, so minus one is 69 countries. Yeah it won't happen. Haha. I wants to visit as many countries as possible before I go back to Malaysia. I was thinking of visiting one country per month. Baby steps. Thus, last night, I bought flight tickets for me and Azma for our January and February trip. I'm not going to tell you guys where we will be heading. But if you are dying to know, here's a clue. We will be heading to one of the fashion capitals of the world and the country that use Guten Morgen as their good morning wish. That's all from now. Byebye. :)


  1. Guten Morgen Shu.
    Haha! Germany! betul tak??

  2. paris and germany
    owhh jelesynyaaa

  3. kakak: tet salahhhhhhhh! milan & germany. haha.