Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Study Mode.

This is the second week of class after one month winter break. To be honest, I was not excited going back to study mode and I'm still not. I'm very comfortable staying in my room, doing nothing. However, my winter term almost come to the end. After two more weeks, I'll done with New Media Communications, Management Theories and Philosophies, and The Retailing and Consumption Of Fashion Brand. The spring term will come after 2 weeks break. Break againnnnnnn! Yahoooooooo! I just heard this great news last Friday from Henry. A great way to start class from break, which is more BREAKKKKKK.

Nonetheless, the end of term means submission of assignments. My submission date for Fashion Brand is on March 2nd, Mgt Theories Part A on March 4th, New Media Communications on March 16th, Developing The Professional on March 30th and the Part B of Mgt Theories haven't yet out. Even though March is still distance away, I got to start working on those assignment because this week I'm going to Milannnnnnn, the next 2 weeks I'll be going to Frankfurtttttttt and a week after that I'll be going to Birminghammmmmm and in early March I'll be going to Londonnnnnnn and 2 weeks after that I'll be going to Greeceeeeeeee.

All my assignments are there, in the GlamLearn. It works almost like uitm student portal but much advance. The module overview, the learning materials, the learning resources, the reading materials, the assignments, my grades, timetables and the announcements are all there. There is e-mail too. Everything is under one website. Besides that, I can communicate with my lecturers and the rest of my classmates too using the portal. There is one section which is called Communication & Tools in every course that I'm taken. So if I need to contact someone in my class and I don't have his contact details, I just need to click his name in the communication and I can communicate with him using e-mail. Easy right? & every assignment needs to submit through the portal as well. No more printing and papers. 

TTYL, my assignments are waiting for me. KISSES! :)

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